After Dinner

Quinta do Noval Black (Ruby Port)-Portugal

Fine perfumed character; dark cherries; soft, bitter sweetness
Suggested Pairings: Cheese Plate, Flourless Chocolate Torte

Grahams 10 yr Old (Tawny Port)-Portugal

Complex Nutty Aromas Combined with Hints of Honey and Figs; Rich Mature Fruit Flavors Beautifully Mellowed with a Luscious and Long Finish
Suggested Pairings: Mixed Plate, Cheese Plate, Chocolate Pecan Brownie, Chocolate Torte

Grahams 20 yr old (Tawny Port)-Portugal

Excellent Bouquet with a Nutty and Delicious Fruit Flavor, Hints of Orange Peel; Exquisitely Mellowed by Age; Palate is Rich, Softly Sweet and Perfectly Balanced
Suggested Pairings: Mixed Plate, Cheese Plate, Brix Chocolate Terrine, Chocolate Torte